AOSP Development

AOSP Development

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  1. AOSP Partitions

AOSP Partitions

Four partitions for AOSP on Sony devices:

boot system vendor odm
Kernel Generic Android Vendor specific OSS Vendor specifc proprietary

The boot, vendor, and odm partitions contain code specific to a device to enable hardware. The system partition is the generic AOSP OS.

Thanks to project Treble, it is now (in theory) possible to update only the system partition to update the OS.

Thanks to Sony’s RRO, we no longer need to provide device specific overlays. We can build Overlay APKs into the system partition to alter the default behaviour of the system partition based on the device it runs on. The APKs are enabled by detecting a system property, such as ro.product.vendor.device.

The result: Build boot, vendor, and odm once. Update system multiple times. Use the same system partition on multiple devices.